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Call it a shop-in-shop, a store-within-a-store, an in-store shop, a concession, an in-store concept, or any other terminology that may be used out there… but the whole concept is the same.

The idea here is to have a designated space hosted within another retailer which has been dedicated to providing a particular consumer brand to customers. The store-within-a-store arrangement is in such a way that the host retailer allows the shop-in-shop to sell their goods under their own independent brand name separate from the host store. Such agreements are quite popular with filling stations, supermarkets or even bookstores. For example, a bookstore may partner with a coffee shop to allow customers to enjoy a drink as they sit to browse.

Though the in-store shop concept is not new in retail, it has gained a lot of momentum in the past couple of years. The beauty of it all is that the two participants in this symbiotic agreement, i.e. both the consumer brand and the retailer — typically big-box retailers — benefit from this arrangement. Today, some of these shop-in-shops are becoming so popular that they are being considered as destination shops by themselves, meaning that a consumer specifically goes to that particular store for their particular brand.

Typically, a store-within-a-store or shop-in-shop is owned by a manufacturer who has decided to operate an outlet within a store owned by a retail company, for the manufacturer’s products. For instance, Bloomingdale’s, which is a leading American department store, does have such mutual benefit arrangements with Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole and DKNY.

At BOSS Facility Services, we provide you with dedicated retail solutions. We also offer you creative design services; store planning; decor; custom store fixtures; merchandising displays; signage as well as graphics, in tandem with the latest trends in the retail design market. Let BOSS fulfill your Shop in Shop needs.

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