Brand Identity Roll-out

BOSS has handled and accomplished complex branding and re-branding projects for all kinds of clients at state, regional, and even nationwide levels.

Close your eyes for a second and visualize how many places your customers come across the name and logo of your company as they carry on with their daily activities. How many can you remember? Those signs outside your premises; inside malls and office complexes; on branded service-vans and uniforms; and so on and so forth.

Some of the reasons that would make a company to undergo a branding or re-branding include:

  • Mergers or acquisitions
  • A promotion or product launch
  • A new company name, identity or tagline
  • Business and brand diversification
  • Brand extension

BOSS excels in managing all the minutiae associated with your company so as to ensure that your new brand identity effectively replaces the old one on all of its branded assets. Due to our experience with executing so many brand implementation projects across the nation, we understand all the concerns that your company’s various stakeholders can raise on branding.

We can help answer all of your questions, including the key ones below:

  1. Cost – how much does this cost?
  2. Timeframe – how much time does it take, and what is our date of completion?
  3. Staffing – how do internal resources ensure that they balance their duty and responsibility on the team undertaking brand implementation with other core obligations? Can we outsource some parts of the process to specialists? Which ones?
  4. Scheduling – how do we schedule our brand implementation activities and when? Who is going to be responsible for that?
  5. Inconvenience – do we need to have downtime as we change the brand on all our touch-points? Is it expected to have any impact on customers and/or employees?
  6. Comprehensiveness – since we have so many touch-points signage; marketing materials; vehicles; etc, how can we avoid our old brand being left on any of them in the marketplace?
  7. Accountability – how do we keep track of our progress as well as that of our vendors during the implementation of the project?
  8. Reporting – what kind of data should be gathered about our branded assets in case we decide to undertake another brand implementation project in the future? What about the kinds of reports to be generated during the project?

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