Quite a number of our clients face many challenges when thinking of re-imaging their sites.

This especially affects customers who are looking to create a new look or roll out a fresh corporate branding or re-branding plan. It also affects clients who desire to remodel or install new fixtures.

Like most of our customers/clients, re-imaging can be a marvelous experience, or can turn out to be a terrible experience. We have seen situations that exceeded the budget or experienced time delays. These are situations that we avoid when offering project re-imaging. Our firm has offered fit-outs to thousands of retail stores since establishment. Our goal is not only to meet but also exceed your expectations.

How are we able to accomplish this? We always put you first in all scenarios. Our service is offered around the clock, 24 hours in a day. This not only limits your down time but also boosts your profitability.

Our main aim is to complete any task before the scheduled deadline. We know that you face many challenges when it comes to re-imaging a store. And by letting us handle one of the tasks, you will be more relaxed. Boss achieves this by combining all the necessary steps into the plan for construction. We boast of wealth of experience when dealing with the involved parties. They include franchisors, interior decorators, landlords, designers, sub-contractors, and more. We act as the central point/link for all your retail store remodeling. This guarantees you of a stress-free experience.

The Project Manager at BOSS will keep you posted on the progress at all times. This minimizes the anxiety or worry of not knowing what is going on. By relying on our regular interaction and communication, you as well as your team will rest easy knowing that your store’s progress is on course.

BOSS Facility Services, Inc.

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