Electrical Solutions

Let BOSS Facility Services lower your burden by managing your facility.

We work to reduce your costs by running proactive and organized electrical systems. The cost of running all the electrical systems in your building or other facility is such a significant amount that it cannot be ignored. This means that making sure these systems are running at an optimum efficiency will play a big role in the general productivity as well as the cost of operating the facility.

These expenses include, but are not limited to: costs of administering the facility; capital investment; energy expenses; system failure; as well as liability costs.

It is due to all these factors and challenges that we, at BOSS Facility Services, are here to assist you. Our declared goal is to offer you and your business the best mobile and versatile service and solutions for your electrical systems that will not only enhance your facility’s electrical and lighting, but also improve its levels of security and safety. In addition, they are also energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Our services and solutions Include:

  • A proactive organized maintenance
  • Performance guarantees
  • Fixed savings programs
  • Risk-transfer infra-red thermal imaging
  • Energy-conservation design and programs
  • Repairs and upgrades of electrical and`lighting systems

The electrical and lighting systems we install for you enable your properties use energy in a much more efficient manner and are cost-effective. What is more, they are visually impressive and are valuable.

For all kinds of buildings and other facilities that you have, including commercial, residential and industrial, our facility management company also offers you extra comprehensive packages for both mechanical and electrical services, as well as preventive maintenance solutions. BOSS Facility Services guarantees you the best and most superior service available on the market for all your electrical needs.

BOSS Facility Services, Inc.

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