Repair & Maintenance Services

Even routine breakdowns can bring your business to a halt. That’s why you can’t afford to be held back by daily maintenance problems. Check out all of the services that we offer!

HVAC Services


For your facility to qualify as well-maintained, HVAC mechanical services are basic and essential. Very few things can impact on an environment more than your air conditioning. BOSS Facility Services can keep your HVAC system in optimal working condition, be it heating, ventilation or air conditioning. BOSS guarantees you that our HVAC mechanical services will satisfy all your needs, whether you are a tenant or a building manager. We promise you honesty, trustworthiness and genuine concern for all your challenges; as well as air quality and environment that will surpass all standards. Read more about our HVAC services.


We work to reduce your costs by running proactive and organized electrical systems. The cost of running all the electrical systems in your building or other facility is such a significant amount that it cannot be ignored. This subsequently means that making sure these systems are running at an optimum efficiency will play a big role in the general productivity as well as the cost of operating the facility.

General Repair


Your building is made up of thousands of parts that are capable of malfunctioning or running down one time or another. At BOSS, we guarantee that we are going to find for you the most efficient, productive, dependable and cost-effective solutions, while keeping the integrity of your business intact. Our technicians are well-trained, well-informed, and experienced in dealing with any aspect of facility or building maintenance.


A quality lighting package delivers to you the most lumens for the lowest price on the market. Remember that over-conserving of energy can go hand in hand with the delivery of a poor product. Always evaluate the task being performed so as to determine what amount of light you are getting, its quality, as well as the lamp color that best satisfies the needs of your facility first before working on energy-related savings.



Our company offers all kinds of plumbing services, ranging from simple day-to-day solutions, to your highly technical needs. We customize all our services to each of your individual needs. Due to our focus on offering you the most quality plumbing services and equipment, coupled with honesty and integrity that our staff carry out their work with, our plumbers have become the first choice for many commercial facilities.