Join us at the PRSM Charity Tour & Bike Ride. BOSS Facility Services will be at the Special VOA Charity Tour and Bike Ride at Mid-Year Conference! Join us Wednesday, September 28, during the 2016 Mid-Year Conference with Zaree Voskerijian, President, Intelligent Data Systems, who has organized a VOA charity motorcycle ride for PRSM members.


Riders will enjoy a scenic Harley ride around the area, led by a local rider, that will include a stop at the VOA facility where riders can make donations to the PRSM Impact charity and join the tour. All-day Harley Davidson motorcycle rentals have been arranged for approximately $100 – $125. To register, complete this form and/or contact Carmela Tolento at 516 739-1313 Ext: 214 for details.