HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Protect your Building Investment and Lower Operating Costs via HVAC Preventative Maintenance

For the vast majority of the occupants of any building, environmental comfort is a key factor to consider, with HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) playing a big part in that. Make sure that the occupants of your building are comfortable by having all the planning, installing and maintaining of its climate-control systems done professionally.

Things like dirt in filters, clogged lines, low refrigerant, corrosion, worn-out belts, inaccurate pressure and temperature adversely affect the functionality and efficiency of HVAC equipment. But with an HVAC preventative maintenance plan, their reliability and security of facility assets can be greatly enhanced while their operation is made non-disruptive.

With 40-70% of a typical commercial building’s energy bill going to HVAC systems, having a continual preventative maintenance program can lower your energy costs by 15-20%.

The level of maintenance of an HVAC system is what determines how fast its efficiency deteriorates. Proper maintenance enables you to avoid unexpected repairs or replacements. Below are some other advantages of HVAC preventative maintenance:

  • Reduced overall operating expenses
  • prevent equipment downtime
  • Lower the number of pricey emergency repairs
  • enable control of temperatures and humidity levels

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