BOSS is a proud sponsor of the Butterfly project which will be a featured beneficiary at this years Carnival in Bridgehampton July 18-21 and July 24-27. We encourage our friends and partners to give to this wonderful organization. The Butterfly Project, an incredible not for profit organization dedicated to empower, enlighten and enhance every girl’s future; encouraging one girl at a time by eliminating one obstacle at a time. They’ve again been chosen again as the beneficiary of this year’s banner sponsorships at the Bridgehampton Carnival! With the help of our local communities, every child can experience diverse activities that help mold and challenge their minds while promoting academic success, hard work and self-confidence. The Butterfly Effect Project will provide a safe place for young girls to be free, expressive and successful. The Butterfly Effect Project aspires to ensure that every girl enrolled in the program has a fair chance to broaden their horizons by eliminating obstacles such as mobility, cultural differences and finances.

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